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I am on the academic job market this year.


Fan Zhang is a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at Cornell University, advised by Prof. Ari Juels. His research interest is in building secure systems that empower and protect their users from insecure and centralized infrastructure, by leveraging cryptography, blockchains, and trusted execution environments (TEEs).

His Ph.D. thesis focuses on a principled composition of on-chain and off-chain components to enable provably secure, efficient, and decentralized systems. His works have been featured in Forbes, MIT Tech Review, IEEE Spectrum, CoinDesk, BitcoinMagazine, and numerous blockchain news outlets. Several of his works have been adopted by industry and deployed in the wild. He is a member of IC3 and a recipient of an IBM Ph.D. Fellowship for 2018-2020. Before joining Cornell, he received his Bachelor's degree from Tsinghua University.

Recent News

Nov. 2019, DECO is to be presented at Real World Crypto (RWC) 2020.
Oct. 2019, I visited ETH Zurich and presented "Connecting Blockchains to the Real World".
Oct. 2019, I presented Paralysis Proofs at ACM AFT 2019 at Zurich, Switzerland.
Sep. 2019, I visited IBM Waston Center and presented DECO (Decenetralized Oracles).
Sep. 2019, Two papers (CHURP, Tesseract) are accepted to ACM CCS'19! See you all in London!
Aug. 2019, "Paralysis Proofs: Secure Access-Structure Updates for Cryptocurrencies and More" is accepted to ACM AFT'19!
Apr. 2019, "Ekiden: A Platform for Confidentiality-Preserving, Trustworthy, and Performant Smart Contract Execution" is accepted to EuroS&P'19!
Nov. 2018, Town Crier is acquired by ChainLink!
Mar. 2018, I'm awarded the IBM PhD Fellowship Award for 2018-2020.
Mar. 2018, I presented Paralysis Proof at the 5th Bitcoin workshop @ Financial Crypto 2018 in Curacao.



F. Zhang, S. K. D. Maram, H. Malvai, S. Goldfeder, and A. Juels. DECO: Liberating Web Data Using Decentralized Oracles for TLS. In submission.
S. K. D. Maram*, F. Zhang*, L. Wang, A. Low, Y. Zhang, A. Juels, and D. Song. CHURP: Dynamic-Committee Proactive Secret Sharing. In ACM CCS (to appear), 2019. * indicates equal contribution.
Media coverage by: MIT Tech Review China
I. Bentov, Y. Ji, F. Zhang, Y. Li, X. Zhao, L. Breidenbach, P. Daian, and A. Juels. Tesseract: Real-Time Cryptocurrency Exchange using Trusted Hardware. In ACM CCS (to appear), 2019.
R. Cheng, F. Zhang, J. Kos, W. He, N. Hynes, N. M. Johnson, A. Juels, A. Miller, and D. Song. Ekiden: A Platform for Confidentiality-Preserving, Trustworthy, and Performant Smart Contracts. In IEEE EuroS&P, 2019.
Media coverage by: Forbes
F. Zhang, P. Daian, I. Bentov, I. Miers, and A. Juels. Paralysis Proofs: Secure Dynamic Access Structures for Cryptocurrency Custody and More. In ACM Conference on Advances in Financial Technologies (AFT), 2019.
Media coverage by: BitcoinMagazine
E. Cecchetti, F. Zhang, Y. Ji, A. E. Kosba, A. Juels, and E. Shi. Solidus: Confidential Distributed Ledger Transactions via PVORM. In ACM CCS, 2017.
F. Tramèr, F. Zhang, H. Lin, Jean-Pierre Hubaux, A. Juels, and E. Shi. Sealed-Glass Proofs: Using Transparent Enclaves to Prove and Sell Knowledge. In IEEE EuroS&P, 2017.
F. Zhang, I. Eyal, R. Escriva, A. Juels, and R. van Renesse. REM: Resource-Efficient Mining for Blockchains. In USENIX Security, 2017.
Media coverage by: IEEE Spectrum
F. Zhang, E. Cecchetti, K. Croman, A. Juels, and E. Shi. Town Crier: An Authenticated Data Feed for Smart Contracts. In ACM CCS, 2016.
F. Tramèr, F. Zhang, A. Juels, M. K. Reiter, and T. Ristenpart. Stealing Machine Learning Models via Prediction APIs. In USENIX Security, 2016.
L. Yang, Y. Cui, F. Zhang, J. P. Pollak, S. Belongie, and D. Estrin. PlateClick: Bootstrapping Food Preferences Through an Adaptive Visual Interface. In ACM CIKM, 2015.

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Here are some of the open-source artifacts from my research: See more on my GitHub page @bl4ck5un.

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